Quantum Computing

My IBM Quantum Challenge’21 Experience- Part 2

Solving the third and the fourth exercises of the IQC’21.

3. Quantum Error Correction:

Combination of the initial circuit and syndrome measurement circuit
For error x0:
Output was 0010 for 1024 shots.

For error x1:
Output was 0100 for 1024 shots.

For error z0:
Output was 0001 for 1024 shots.

For error z1:
Output was 1000 for 1024 shots.
Configuration of ibmq_tokyo
: : :
: : :
: : :
: : :
[Qubit(QuantumRegister(5, 'code'), 0),
Qubit(QuantumRegister(5, 'code'), 1),
Qubit(QuantumRegister(5, 'code'), 2),
Qubit(QuantumRegister(5, 'code'), 3),
Qubit(QuantumRegister(5, 'code'), 4),
Qubit(QuantumRegister(4, 'syn'), 0),
Qubit(QuantumRegister(4, 'syn'), 1),
Qubit(QuantumRegister(4, 'syn'), 2),
Qubit(QuantumRegister(4, 'syn'), 3)]
Scribbled the Tokyo version of the initial circuit
# Right ZZZ
qc_syn.swap(code[1], syn[0])
2 am realizations 😉

4. Transmon Qubit:

Photo Credits: IBM Quantum Challenge 2021
Photo Credits: IBM Quantum Challenge 2021
Spectroscopy Pulse for |0⟩→|1⟩ transition
pulse.play(x_pulse, DriveChannel(qubit))
pulse.play(x_pulse, DriveChannel(qubit))
pulse.set_frequency(freq*GHz, DriveChannel(qubit))
pulse.play(spec_pulse, DriveChannel(qubit))
Lorentzian function

The final part, “Part 3” will be soon up. Stay tuned as you wouldn’t want to miss the most exciting bit of IQC’21❗️❗️

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